Makers Copyshop

Your ecommerce AI assistant!

Stop staring at a blank screen wondering WHAT THE HECK you should say!

CopyShop will create your craft-business copy for you, in minutes.

Don't have time or energy to write your own product descriptions??

CopyShop will create your product description copy for you!!

AND!! Will create your social media to match it!

All you need is the product - tell us what it is - and we will create your product description for you.

Our team has done over $60,000,000 in sales across multiple niches. We know what converts and have taken our BEST social posts, our BEST product descriptions, and combined them with Bizzy's Copyshop to create "The Makers Copyshop" - It is your one-stop ecommerce tool!!

Now YOU can use our "machine" for YOUR businesses - even if you are in a different niche!

How does it work?? Watch and see!!

You Will Gain Leads AND Sales...

How?? We will create your product descriptions AND social media posts - FOR YOU!

No More Expensive Writers

One copy writer charged ME $1500 for social content (A MONTH) I about gasped the first time I got the bill!

There has to be a better way - that doesn't cost me an arm or a leg!!

AI to the rescue!! It doesn't cost you a ton to have a custom page, as we are using AI to build your copy for you!!

No More Waiting... and Waiting!!

Stop WAITING to sell and start ACTUALLY selling!

Your product description copy will be ready for you as fast as our internet fairies can comb the AI interwebs and grab the content for you!!

We know how to make your product sound amazing and get people clicking that buy button.

No More Duct Taped Solutions

Don't spend hours trying to figure out what to say... Instead spend minutes!

Literally, all you need to do is describe your product in a phrase or two and we will create your product launch plan for you...

Get your product into the hands of your customers faster.

With our ready-made promotion pack, you'll be able to begin

generating income from your product immediately.

Get Customized ECommerce Descriptions

and Social Media Posts Written For You In Minutes!


Describe your product or program to us.

No need to fill out a complicated survey. Just describe your product or program in a couple of words!! We will do the rest!!

  1. We start with PROVEN product templates

  2. ​We feed your topic into the Maker Copy Shop Engine

  3. ​You hit "Generate My Copy"... and then wait a minute or so

  4. ​Your customized content pack will be written for you!!


Make minor edits as needed. Don't start from scratch.

We guarantee this will save you HOURS of copy-writing time. Our promise to you is that you will have a sales page DONE - or your money back!!

  • You can make unlimited edits.

  • Print the copy you love so you can refer back to them later!

step 3

Download your copy, descriptions & posts,

and start selling!

You can take the copy that we created and use it on any sales platform, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, even your own website or funnel building software!

  • Unlimited Copy Packs! Make as many as you want!

  • Use the templates for yourself AND your clients!

  • ​No sales limitations as long as you are a member!

  • ​Access to future products!

Imagine Sitting Down And Having Your Product descriptions WRITTEN

In Less Than 15 Minutes! As a store owner, it’s almost too good to be true!

~ Holly Homer, Kids Activities Blog

Founder Introductory Price

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This is a recurring membership

The perfect way to start your Digital-Business-in-a-box with Bizzy. You can have your sales page written in 15 minutes or less!

  • Access to the Bizzy Copy Shop

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • COMING SOON: Done-for-you Digital Products

  • COMING SOON: Product Websites Designed For You

  • COMING SOON: Hosting of Your Product Websites

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights

Your access will be available in early 2023.

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We send out invitations to businesses to join us regularly!! Get onto our waitlist and stay peeled to your inbox for your invitation to be our next founding member.

What is included in your membership??

  • Access 100+ Digital Product Template Library

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • Unlimited Done-for-you Digital Products

  • Unlimited Product Websites Written For You

  • Hosting of Your Product Websites

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights

Pricing Plans For Every Size

Choose the option that’s right for you. Cancel your subscription anytime.



Create Your ECom Copy

in 15 Minutes or Less!

  • Instant Access to the Copy Engine

  • ​Unlimited "Respins" - Write As Much As You Want!

  • Written-for-you Social Media Posts

  • ​FULL Promotion Plan for Social Media



Scale Your Business With

Even MORE Features

  • EVERYTHING in the Monthly Plan

  • AND Unlimited Sales Pages

  • AND Get Emails and Ads!

  • AND ​Priority Support



Create Your ECom Copy

in 15 Minutes or Less!

  • Instant Access to the Copy Engine

  • ​Unlimited "Respins" - Write As Much As You Want!

  • Written-for-you Social Media Posts

  • ​FULL Promotion Plan for Social Media



Scale Your Business With

Even MORE Features

  • EVERYTHING in the Monthly Plan

  • AND Unlimited Sales Pages

  • AND Get Emails and Ads!

  • AND ​Priority Support



No Product. No Problem.
Create Your DIGITAL Product!!

  • Instant Access to the Copy Engine

  • ​Unlimited "Respins" - Write As Much As You Want!

  • Written-for-you Social Media Posts

  • ​FULL Promotion Plan for Social Media



Still have a question??

How Do I Know The Makers Copy Shop Is Right For Me??

Our Copy Shop Membership was created for the ecommerce product builder, the Amazon Seller, the Etsy Maker, the crafter, the online store owner - the people who have a product, know they need to promote it - But are stuck on the details.

Maybe you are allergic to words and just aren't a copywriter, OR maybe you are just out of time and are looking for a done-for-you solution. We will create your product descriptions, your social media posts - and if you purchase annually - your sales page copy and write your email/ads, FOR YOU!! So you can focus on other parts of your business and life.

How Does This Work With My Current Website or Funnel?

The copy "pack" that we will create for you in the Makers Copy Shop is just copy. We hope in time to integrate with tools, email providers or other websites, but for now it's just copy. You can download the copy as a PDF or you can do what we prefer when we are building our own websites. Just select the copy to use, and paste it into the sales or social platform of your choice.

This takes the guess work out of what to say, where and when.

Why Is This a Membership?

We have spent literally thousands on having professional copy writers write the sales copy for our websites, emails and ads. We know that sales pages can make or break a business. The Makers Copy Shop was created to help you get a sales page MADE faster. Our hope is that we can write not just your sales page this month, but all your sales pages in the future as you come back to the platform again and again!!

Can I Cancel at Any Time?

Of course, cancel at any time!! And you can come back at any time too!! We don't have any "fake scarcity". We believe that the Makers Copy Shop will be so valuable that you will stick around for FOREVER (or nearly), but you aren't locked into a contract with us, and after your sales page is written you can use it anywhere you'd like!! Even if you leave the membership!

We also know how valuable our Copy Shop is - time is money!! And there is no other system out there that can write your sales copy faster than we can!! We hope you will stay with us for the long-haul!!

Will My Fees Go Up In The Future?

Not for the forseeable future!! (I am not saying never as we may eventually sell our company and if/when we do the new owners will make a decision regarding prices). For now, the price that you signed up with is the recurring fee that you are paying.

We KNOW that our product is priced ridiculously low - and we hope in the next month or three to wow your socks off with even more goodies on our platform!!

As we grow we will be increasing the fees for new members. As long as you are with us and I am still the owner of this company your rates will not increase for the Starter Level Membership.

What Niches Do You Serve So Far?

We serve over 3 dozen niches including: Wreath makers, Painters. Business coaches, art teachers, wellness, kids and parenting, meal planning, nutrition, goal setting, pets, travel, productivity, budgeting, faith & devotions, decluttering, organization, calendars, fitness, homeschooling, habit tracking, hobbies & creativity, teaching, empowerment, weight loss... and MORE

If you have a product, we can help you!

The copy is written half-by-a-human and half-by-ai. This means that you get the benefits of having a professional copywriter, but you also get the speed and customizations that AI brings. If you can type a description into the Copy Bar, we can create your marketing content for you.

Will it be perfect? NOPE!! It's written by AI, so you will most likely need to make some basic edits, but you won't have to start from scratch!

When Do You Release New Products And Templates?

We know that you are a growing business and you need new options and ideas to promote your business, blogs, to grow lists from your Tik-Tok followers, etc!! Every single month we are adding new templates for you to use to sell and grow your businesses. If you have a request for something specific let us know!! We will work to include it!

Is There a Guarantee?

YUP!! If for any reason you were unable to generate your sales page copy using the Bizzy Copy Shop we will refund you the last 30 days of payments you made to us, gladly. We stand behind the products that we build and your happiness and SUCCESS is our greatest goal!!

Are You a Sales Page Service? Can You Make My Website?

Not at this time - BUT SOON!! And if you sign up as a Founder you will get access to the new tools and services as we roll them out.

Also, we do not integrate with Canva or any other graphics design platform. Your sales page copy will be available for you to copy and paste into your sales funnel system or print as a PDF.

Our guarantee: Your sales copy will be written for you in minutes, or your money back!

Turn Traffic Into Sales With Our Done-For-You

Ecommerce Copy Membership!!

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